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Synthetic and mineral oils vacuum compatible and certified for pharmaceutical processes.

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  • Temperature -55 Cº
  • Propilenglicol and monoetilenglicol


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The rotary vane vacuum pumps in oil bath, double stage, are widely used to obtain high and low vacuum. They are optimal for working environments as R&D centers, laboratories, etc…

  • Oil sight view
  • They allow to obtain vacuum levels down to 1×10-4mbar – Inlet connections 25/40KF
  • Robust and with high quality
  • Precisión técnica
  • Simple construction
  • Easy maintenance
Model Capacity m3/h 50Hz Ultimate vacuum Connection Power kw
MVP-06 6 4×10-3 25 KF 0.37
MVP-12 10.8 4×10-3 25 KF 0.37
MVP-24 21.16 4×10-3 25 KF 0.75
MVP-36 32.5 4×10-3 25 / 40 KF 0.75
MVP-60 65 4×10-3 40 KF 2.2
MVP-90 90 4×10-3 40 KF 3


The rotary vane pumps in oil bath, single stage, are used to generate a high vacuum level, stable and with high reliability:

  • Air refrigeration, internal oil recirculation, exhaust filter integrated to separate the fog oil to obtain clean air at the exhaust.
  • High materials standards, robust design and optimized process to guarantee a high-quality product.
  • Direct geared motor, glass sight view for oil level, ANTI-SUCK valve, vibration isolators, exhaust pressure indicator, exhaust filter integrated.

Applications: food packaging industry, laboratories, packaging machinery, plastic mold deaeration, press, etc.

Model Power 50Hz Ultimate vacuum Filter connection
EV-0010F 0.4 Kw 2 mbar ½”
EV-0016F 0.75 Kw 2 mbar ½”
EV-0021F 0.9 Kw 2 mbar ½”
EV-0030F 1.1 Kw <0.5 mbar 1-1/4″ M/F
EV-0040F 1.5 Kw <0.5 mbar 1-1/4″ M/F
EV-0065F 2.2 Kw <0.5 mbar 1-1/4″ M/F
EV-0100F 3 Kw <0.5 mbar 1-1/4″ M/F
EV-0160F 3.7 Kw <0.5 mbar 2″ M/F
EV-0175F 5.5 Kw <0.5 mbar 2″ M/F
EV-0215F 5.5 Kw <0.5 mbar 2″ M/F
EV-0250F 7.5 Kw <0.5 mbar 2″ M/F
EV-0300F 7.5 Kw <0.5 mbar 2″ M/F
EV-0450F 11 Kw <0.5 mbar 3″
EV-0500F 15 Kw <0.5 mbar 3″
EV-0630F 18.5 Kw <0.5 mbar 3″
EV-0750F 22 Kw <0.5 mbar 3″


The EVR vacuum series are Roots pumps or booster vacuum pumps. Widely used in the industry for applications that require a better vacuum level and increased vacuum speed.

  • Excellent performance
  • Robust design
  • Simple construction and maintenance
  • Magnetic force drive
  • Optional Bu-pass
Model capacity m3/h 50Hz Ultimate vacuum mbar Power KW
EVR 0125 108 3×10-4 0.75
EVR 0250 250 3×10-4 1.1
EVR 0500 540 3×10-4 2.2
EVR 1000 1080 3×10-4 4
EVR 2000 2160 3×10-4 7.5
EVR 4500 4320 3×10-4 11


In our spare parts and consumable department for freeze drying equipment we provide to our costumers vacuum pumps to rent during the necessary time while the repair is taking place.

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