freeze dryers

The laboratory freeze dryers are specially designed to meet the demands of lyophilisation on research and development in the increasingly demanding R & D departments of industries, colleges and universities.

The laboratory freeze dryers range covers from small desktop equipment to sophisticated pilot plant freeze dryers.

The quality of our machinery together with our commitment to provide the best technical assistance, makes our equipment a first class choice if what is sought is a laboratory freeze dryer for the pharmaceutical industry.

Lyolab features

  • Number of shelves: 4/6 ud.
  • Shelves dimensions: 345(W)/386(W)x455(L)
  • Total usable area: 0.6/1.0m2
  • Minimum spacing: 72/65mm
  • Temperature range on shelves: -60ºC to +80ºC
  • 24 hours condenser capacity: 20/30kg
  • Final condenser temperature: -80ºC
  • Electric power: 6500/8000W
  • Power supply: 230/400V (50Hz) (others under request)
  • Vacuum pump capacity: 30m3/h
  • Weight: 1000/1400 kg
  • Dimensions Width: 1255/1400 mm
  • Height: 1800/1960 mm
  • Length: 1280/1280 mm

Closed vials

Full movement freeze dryer trays

Detail of the sequence 1 of the closed vials from the Lyolab Coolvacuum freeze dryer

Detail of the sequence 1 of the full movement from the chamber trays from the Lyolab Coolvacuum freeze dryer


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