Loading System


Automatic loading
and unloading systems
for freeze dryers

COOLVACUUM completes its possibilities of supplying freeze dryer equipment for the pharmaceutical industry with solutions for loading and unloading system for vials. So that our freeze dryers are perfectly integrated into fully automated production lines. For that, we are the official distributor of the automatic loading systems for freeze dryers of the German brand Motus Engineering. Among its solutions are:

  • Automatic loading and unloading systems row by row
  • Frame-based loading and unloading systems
  • Semiautomatic loading and unloading systems
View of the automatic loading system Motus Engineering integrable in the freeze dryers Coolvacuum for the pharmaceutical industry

Integration of loading systems and freeze
dryers in RABS with laminar flows or in isolators

Our engineers allow the integration of loading systems and freeze dryers with RABS systems or insulators:


  • Closed or open
  • Class A laminar Flow
  • Gloves with barriers
  • Doors with security locks


  • With different levels of containment
  • Sterilization with hydrogen peroxide
  • In situ cleaning systems

Advantages of automatic loading and unloading
systems for lyophilization equipment

  • Minimized risk of contamination
  • Decreases loading time
  • Lower operational costs
  • Protection of operators

Automatic loading and unloading systems row by row for freeze dryer equipment

  • Compact automatic loading and unloading systems row by row, of very small space, able to charge the freeze dryer row by row
  • Half-blocked vials are transported in a simple line from the filling machine to the freeze dryer inlet
  • Through a star-wheel the vials are counted for fill the width of the freeze dryer shelf and then the vials are introduced inside by a high precision pusher
  • When freeze dryer process is finished the closed vials are excluded and returned to the conveyor that will take them to the next production point, the capping machine
View of the loading and unloading system based on frames integrable in Coolvacuum freeze dryers for the pharmaceutical industry

Loading and unloading systems based on frames for freeze dryer equipment

  • Frame-based loading and unloading systemsare solutions that increase the space of the load system to win simplicity and robustness
  • When the vials leave the filler they are positioned occupying the space of a rectangular section that will be framed perimetrally by a frame that will descend and pack the set of vials
  • From this moment, the vials will move in a packed set, making the process more easily and reliable

Semiautomatic loading and unloading systems for freeze dryer equipment

  • Semi-automatic loading and unloading systems are designed for solutions with freeze dryers already installed o or applications where the cost of a fully automatic system is not worth it.
  • Assisted by an operator, these solutions custom-made allow to comply with the regulations keeping the product free of contamination.


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