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Freeze drying

The COOLVACUUM’s freeze drying equipment for the pharmaceutical industry is designed and manufactured according GMP standards. Apart from providing excellent vacuum and low temperature refrigeration performance, the freeze dryers include all the necessary subsystems for pharmacological products production: Sterilization (SIP), Cleaning (CIP), vial closing, vial automatic loading, etc. Following the customer demand, starting from a standard configuration, we develop customized freeze dryers.


freeze dryers

The pharmaceutical production freeze dryers line, Lyopharm, is specifically designed for pharmacological products in large batches. We provide customized solutions, developing projects for new processes or improving the existing ones, adapting them to our customer needs. We offer the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), the equipment transportation and the Acceptance Test at customer Site (SAT).

Compact pharmaceutical freeze drying solutions are provided for loading surfaces below 10m2. In the same bench (frame) the product chamber and the condenser are integrated together with all the components. For equipment larger than 10m2, the vacuum and refrigeration systems are typically provided in a separated bench. For the larger Lyopharm models the equipment is typically integrated with the building in more than one floor and taking part of the pharmaceutical plant project.


freeze dryers

The laboratory freeze dryers are specially designed to meet the demands of lyophilisation on research and development in the increasingly demanding R & D departments of industries, colleges and universities. The laboratory freeze dryers range covers from small desktop equipment to sophisticated pilot plant freeze dryers. The quality of our machinery together with our commitment to provide the best technical assistance , makes our equipment a first class choice if what is sought is a laboratory freeze dryer for the pharmaceutical industry.

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