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The Lyoepic is a freeze dryer designed for cooking (R+D) and small productions. COOLVACUUM, freeze drying experts in the food industry, provide this medium size equipment with wheels, that lay on the floor and leave at the touch of a button the product shelves. It is an easy use equipment with low maintenance.

Lyoepic characteristics

  • Number of shelves: 5 ud.
  • Shelves dimensions: 390(W)x430(L)
  • Total usable area: 0.84m2
  • Minimum spacing: 47mm
  • Heat controlled shelves (Optional)
  • 24 hours condenser capacity: 9kg
  • Final condenser temperature: <-55ºC or <-80ºC
  • Electric power: 1500W (Check with COOLVACUUM for hated shelves)
  • Vacuum pump capacity: 36m2/h
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Dimensions: Width: 540 mm
  • Height: 1000×440mm
  • Length: 620 mm

The freeze drying process

In cooking (R+D) and small food production freeze drying, the preparation process starts as in all culinary recipes. The product should be prepared, being sliced and distributed on the trays, with appropriate space for a correct sublimation, but optimizing the usable tray surface. In this sense, the new rectangular tray configuration increases substantially the useful surface compared with the circular trays included in the cylindric chambers. When the product is ready on the trays, it should be introduced in a low temperature freezer at the proper temperature.

After some hours at the low temperature freezer (depending on the product), it is recommended a whole night, the product is totally frozen to be introduced at the freeze dryer. From the touch screen the freeze dryer can be operated easily and safely to obtain the best result.


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